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I'm not sure whether anyone will ever visit this page and may be interested in me ... the sweet little girl who spent days and nights to make this page ... but I thought the page should have some info about me anyway !
So I'm 22-year-old Anika and I was born in Berlin, which (surprise, surprise) makes me German!!!! So, I passed my A-levels in Art and English in June 2001 and since then I was doing nothing at all ! After studying for 13 years I really needed a break ! But after a year of just doing completely and totally NOTHING I moved to my "home-country" England to eventually study Scenic Arts - the perfect course for me (I think!). So besides studying, I really enjoy editing this website , hanging around with my sister, cooking (and EATING!!!) , watching musicals, painting and making lots of other crap art stuff ... or just emailing people and chat with them !!! Well , I have made this page in September 1999 to show all people on the net how lovely James is and as he is such a great actor and singer he really deserves a nice page, and I really hope he likes this one ! The site was undergoing 2 complete layout changes since it was made and here u see my latest design, which has now been online for a year or two already!!! I think some changes are necessary from time to time so that people like coming back and looking at some new features !!! So feel free to leave your opinion about my site in my guestbook !!!
Well , some more things about me you'd like to know ?!?!? I'm an absolute musical theatre freak and my favourite show is TOMMY ... I´m absolutely mad about any TOMMY merchandise esp. T-Shirts ... don't ask me why but I really love collecting them !!! But that´s not the only thing I'm collecting - there are tons of other things ... I'm mad I know !!!
Okay I better shut up now and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask ... I also like filling up questionnaires ... So everyone who visited my page , THANKS FOR COMING and keep checking my page as I try to update it regularly!


~*~ ANIKA ~*~

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