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Shaftesbury Theatre , London
20th February 1996 - 8th February 1997

Cast List

Mrs Walker ..... Kim Wilde

Captain Walker ..... Alistair Robins

Uncle Ernie ..... Ian Bartholomew

Minister ..... Steve Devreaux

Minister´s Wife ..... Hannah Tollman

Nurse ..... Megan Bertie

Officer #1 ..... Shaun Escoffery

Officer #2 ..... Spencer Stafford

Allied Soldier #1 ..... Adrian Smith

Allied Soldier #2 ..... Shaun Henson

Lover ..... John Partridge

Tommy Age 4 ..... Laura Allen/Danielle Harmer

Tommy ..... Paul Keating

Judge ..... Patrick Clancy

Tommy Age 10 ..... Michael Loftus/Kyle Wicks

Cousin Kevin ..... Hal Fowler

Kevin´s Mother ..... Emma Tunmore

Kevin´s Father ..... Patrick Clancy

Louts , later Security Guards ..... Spencer Stafford/Nigel Harman/Shaun Escoffery

Loutettes ..... Beth O´Brien/Megan Bertie/Golda Rosheuvel

Hawker ..... Shaun Escoffery

Harmonica Player ..... John Partridge

The Acid Queen ..... Nicola Hughes

1st Pinball Lout ..... Adrian Smith

2nd Pinball Lout ..... James Gillan

Specialist ..... Gregg Brown

Specialist´s Assistant ..... Natalie Powers

News Vendor ..... Patrick Clancy

Sally Simpson ..... Gail Easdale

Mrs Simpson ..... Beth O´Brien

Mr Simpson ..... Steve Devereaux

D.J. ..... Patrick Clancy

Understudies / Later Cast Members / New Tommy Kids :

Dominic Childs , Lacey Crouch , Matthew Gould , Frederike Haas , Stephen Jowitt , Charlotte Mason-Apps , Gabi Thompson , Justyn Towler , Geoffrey Tyler , Ian Waller , Tara Wilkinson , Alex Bird , Stuart Cross , Alexander Gray , Natalie Holtom , Adam Jessop , Mimi Schofield , Andrew James Simpson , Michael Wall, Jerome Wright

last but not least :

The loveliest "Tommy" conductor ..... Colin Welford




The year is 1940. Against the backdrop of world war II appears a montage of the Walkers' meeting, courtship, marriage, Capt. Walker's departure for the front and his capture and internment in a POW camp. The scene shifts to London where two officers arrive at 22 Heathfield Gardens to bring Mrs. Walker the tragic news that her husband did not return. The following year a nurse gently hands Mrs. Walker her newborn son.
1945: Capt. Walker is freed and heads home, arriving as Mrs. Walker is celebrating her birthday with her lover and four-year-old son. Looking in a mirror, Tommy sees the furious Capt. Walker shoot and kill the lover. The Walkers realize what Tommy has witnessed and vehemently tell him to forget everything he's seen and heard. The police arrive to investigate while Tommy just stares at his own reflection. The Narrator - Tommy's older self- appears, visible only to Tommy. The scene shifts to a courtroom where Capt. Walker is found not guilty, but the family celebration dies out as they realize Tommy is now deaf, dumb and blind. The Walkers take Tommy to a hospital for examination.
1950: The Walkers take ten-year-old Tommy to church and to a family Christmas dinner where he responds to Uncle Ernie's French horn playing and to the older Tommy's unseen presence. Uncle Ernie, who, once alone with Tommy, molests him. Tommy's next baby-sitter, Cousin Kevin, taunts him mercilessly and then takes him to the youth club where, to everyone's astonishment, Tommy plays pinball brilliantly.
Encouraged, the Walkers try another doctor who tests Tommy without success. The Hawker approaches Capt. Walker and promises a miracle cure through a prostitute, the Gypsy, but Mr. Walker ends up snatching the boy away in horror. The act ends in 1958 as a group of youths eagerly await the teenaged Tommy at the amusement arcarde. The Narrator and Tommy are now one.


The year is 1960. Tommy has become the pinball champion and hero of the neighboorhood lads. Mr. Walker, still in search of a cure, convinces Mrs. Walker to try once more, and they take Tommy to high-tech medical specialists for elaborate tests, but to no avail.
Later, n the street, a group of teenaged louts surround Tommy and carry him home, where the Walkers, at their wits' end, compassionately confront one another about what is to be done with their son. Tommy stares into the mirror as Mrs. Walker tries desperately to reach him. Frustrated, she smashes the mirror. With the mirror shattered, Tommy becomes conscious, announces his freedom, rejects his family and leaves home. His "miracle cure" hits the news.
From 1961 to 1963 Tommy is lionized by the public and the press and begins appearing in stadiums, where Uncle Ernie tries to capitalize on his stardom. At one of the concerts his teenaged fan Sally Simpson manages to get on stage and touchTommy, but when he pushes her aside, she falls and is pummeled by the guards. Aghast, Tommy realizes how caught up in the celebrity machine he has become. He tends to her and invites everyone back to his house. Once there, in front of the gathering crowd, Sally asks Tommy how she can be more like him, Rather naively, he insists there is no reason to be like him.
Disenchanted with their hero for failing to provide salvation, the crowd, refusing to accept his answer, turns on him and leaves. After they've departed, Tommy, left alone with only his family, hears the voice of his ten-year-old self and, for a moment, seems to be reverting to his old state. but instead, he turns to his family and ambraces them in acceptance and understanding. The amazing journey is now complete.


Song List

Captain Walker
It's a boy
We've won
Amazing Journey
Sparks (instrumental)
Amazing Journey (reprise)
See me, feel me
Do you think it's alright
Fiddle about
See me, feel me (reprise)
Cousin Kevin
Sparks (reprise)
Eyesight to the blind
Acid Queen
Pinball Wizard

There's a doctor I've found
Go to the mirror
Listening to you
Tommy, can you hear me
I believe my own eyes
Smash the mirror
I'm free
Miracle cure
Sensation (reprise)
I'm free / Pinball Wizard
Tommy's Holiday camp
Sally Simpson
Sally's question
We're not gonna take it
See me, feel me / Listening to you (reprise)


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