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Many thanks to my sister Antje who has to bear my musical-madness ! You are the one who keeps visiting London with me , hangs around at stage doors until the sun rises ... and even comes over to London for one night just for James' record release party ... seems you are at least as mad as me !!!
No matter what we are doing together , aren´t we always having fun ?!


Many thanks to my parents who pay for so many shows I watch and for my trips to London ! Thanks for taking me to the theatre on 27th August 1994...


Thanks so much to my best friend - Jenna - for all those funny and happy moments ! Not only chatting with you makes me happy but also meeting you a couple of times was great fun ! Thanks so so much for being my best friend !!!

Special thanks to my friend Kathrin ! What would I do without you ?! Without you I wouldn´t know James nowadays ! The most special thanks to you for showing me James at the TOMMY stage door in October 96 !!!

Really lovely thanks to my friends at school and all over the world, esp. Rike and Maureen !!!

Many lovely thanks to my dear friend Liz ... who has to bear my greedy e-bay madness!
Thanks Neil for bearing my tiny little James - madness and thanks for all those nice emails !!! It was great fun meeting you and Robert ... hope to meet you soon again !!!

Thanks to Tracy & Mom for lending me all those pics and also thanks for the funny and lovely *meetings* ... esp. those in cafe Nero :-) ! Thanks u two !!!

Thank you as well to all the people I forgot to mention, my family , penpals and all the others !

And of course, many many thanks to all those nice people who signed my guestbook !!! I really appreciate your comments !


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