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"I AM THE STARLIGHT", that's what James sang in StEx and together with 5 friends of mine I made this come true ! Since summer 2000 there is a sweet little star in the sky which we named "J.A.M.E.S." to make our little star James Gillan unforgettable forever and to surprise James with a unique birthday present for his 26th birthday !!!

This site is dedicated to the star "J.A.M.E.S." and to all the lovely people who helped me with getting this present for James ...

Antje Knittel , Germany
Jenna Burton , England
Laura Turnbull , Scotland
Sabine Henning , Germany
Liz Sanborn , USA

To give you an idea of what the certificate looked like , which gives information about that name , coordinates of the star etc , here is a photo ...

... the frame is unique as well , as my whole family worked on that ...

And here are the details of the position of the star :

Virgo RA 12h 40m 32s

For everyone who is interested in astronomy and everyone who'd like to take a look at the star in the sky , here is the star map which should help you finding the star ... it's the one in the red circle :-)

... click on the image to see an enlarged version of the star map!!!

Of course, this present was accompanied by a lovely self-made birthday card including the following poem by my dear friend Jenna:


To us you are the brightest star,
Whether near,
Or whether far.
Never fade, nor cease to blaze
Only burn in both ebony nights,
And golden days.
Time will never consume your flame,
And in our lives, you still remain,
The most wondrous star of all.

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