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"Julius Caesar"
Globe Theatre , London
13th May 1999 - 21st September 1999

Cast List

Marcus Brutus ..... Danny Sapani

Portia/Octavius Caesar/Servant to Antony ..... Toby Cockerell

Lucius/Young Cato/Publius ..... James Gillan

Cassius ..... Richard Bremmer

Trebonius/Claudio/Dardanius/A Cobbler/Servant to Caesar ..... Liam Hourican

Dcius Brutus/Murellus/Titinius ..... Ben Walden

Metellus Cymber/Varrus/Volumnius/Flavius ..... Terence Maynard

Cinna/Lepidus ..... Timothy Davies

Caius Ligarius/Cicero/Cinna the Poet ..... Richard Gartland

Casca/Messala ..... Michael Rudko

Mark Antony ..... Mark Lewis Jones

Lucillius/Calpurnia/Poppilius Lena/Servant to Octavius Caesar ..... Benedict Wong

Strato/Julius Caesar/The Ghost of Caesar ..... Paul Shelley

Clitus/A Soothsayer/A Poet ..... Jimmy Gardner

Artemidorus/Pindarus/A Carpenter ..... Quill Roberts


Rome prides itself on being republic, ruled by a senate rather than a king. Previous to the action on stage, Julius Caesar has won a great war over Pompey, and his senators now fear that his ambition is to establish himself as king. A group of senators conspire to assassinate him before his ambition becomes dangerous, and Cassius tris to persuade the principled Marcus Brutus to join them.

Ignoring several warnings and bad omens, Caesar goes to the Senate house on Ides of March, and is stabbed to death.

Brutus tries to explain to the Roman people why their popular senator has been killed. But when Mark Antony tells them about Caesar's virtues, public opinion swings away from the conspirators. Riots break out in the city and civil war ensues between those wanting to avenge the death of caesar, and those fighting to defend a republic.

The final battle, pitching the forces of Mark Antony and Octavius Caesar against the conspirators Cassius and Brutus,takes place in the Balkan state of Macedonia.

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