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First performance of the UK tour 16th December 1993

Joseph ..... Phillip Schofield

Narrator ..... Lisa Peace

Jacob/Potiphar/Guru ..... Malcom Rennie

Pharaoh ..... David J Higgins

Butler .... Miles Western

Baker .... Martin Callaghan

Mrs Potiphar ..... Sarah MacDuff

Apache Dancers .... Warren Grant , Charlotte Peck

Reuben ..... Anthony Lyn

Reuben´s Wife ..... Siobhan Coebly

Simeon ..... Graham Hoadly

Simeon´s Wife ..... Nicola Bolton

Levi ..... David J Higgins

Levi´s Wife ..... Jane Housley

Napthali ..... Ray Strachan

Napthali´s Wife ..... Sarah MacDuff

Issachar ..... Martin Callaghan

Issachar´s Wife ..... Charlotte Peck

Asher ..... Paul Manuel

Asher´s Wife ..... Elizabeth Kate Hamilton

Dan ..... Vas Constanti

Dan´s Wife ..... Maria O´Brien

Zebulun ..... Warren Grant

Zebulun´s Wife ..... Joanne Henry

Gad ..... Miles Western

Gad´s Wife ...... Julie Barnes

Benjamin ..... James Gillan

Benjamin´s Wife ..... Louise Dominy

Judah ..... Dilim Andrew Esiaka

Judah´s Wife ..... Michelle Chilton


Jacob was blessed with twelve sons, of these the second youngest and his favourite was Joseph, son of Rachel. Joseph was good and kind, serving his father and family well as a shepherd in the fields. His brothers resented the way in which Jacob doted on Joseph and their anger against him grew after their father gave his favourite son a dazzling coat of many colours. Joseph was a dreamer; his dreams told him that he was to become a great man and be far more successful than any of his brothers. On hearing this they decided that something had to be done about young Joseph. Out in the fields the brothers attacked Joseph, stripped him of his coat and were about to throw him into a pit to face certain death when a band of Ishmaelites passed by. The brothers sold Joseph to them as a slave and returned to their father with the sad news of Joseph’s "death". In Egypt, Joseph was then sold to Potiphar, a wealthy merchant. He was rapidly promoted and just as fast flung into gaol for trying to seduce the merchant’s wife. In his gaol cell, he explained the meanings of his fellow prisoners’ dreams. The Pharaoh was disturbed by savage dreams and heard that there was a man in gaol who may be able to explain them to him. Joseph was brought before Pharaoh and translated the dreams, in return he was made a very wealthy man. His brothers fared less well, famine and plague dominated the land of Canaan so they left to seek food in Egypt. They found Joseph, although none of them recognised him and he took pity on them giving each a sack of food. However, to test his brothers he planted a gold cup in the sack given to the youngest. As they tried to leave Joseph stopped them to investigate the "theft" of the precious cup. It was discovered in Benjamin’s bag. The others took the blame and refused to let anyone think that Benjamin was in any way dishonest. Joseph now realised that his brothers were truly honest and revealed his true identity. Jacob was brought from Canaan and the family was reunited.

Song List

Any Dream Will Do
Jacob & Sons / Joseph's Coat
Joseph's Dreams
Poor, Poor Joseph
One More Angel In Heaven
Close Every Door
Go, Go, Go Joseph
Pharoah Story
Poor, Poor Pharoah
Song of the King (Seven Fat Cows)
Pharaoh's Dreams Explained
Stone the Crows
Those Canaan Days
The Brothers Come To Egypt / Grovel, Grovel
Who's the Thief
Benjamin Calypso
Joseph All the Time
Jacob in Egypt
Finale: Any Dream Will Do / Give Me My Colored Coat
Joseph Megamix

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