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"Antony & Cleopatra"
Globe Theatre , London
24th July 1999 - 26th September 1999

Cast List

Mark Antony ..... Paul Shelley

Octavius Caesar ..... Ben Walden

Lepidus/Philo/A Schoolmaster/Proculeius ..... Timothy Davies

Octavia/Thidias/Varrius ..... Toby Cockerell

Demetrius/Agrippa ..... Terence Maynard

Enobarbus/Seleucus ..... John McEnery

Ventidius/Canidius/Alexas/Clown ..... Michael Rudko

Silius/Eros/Gallus/Menecrates ..... Liam Hourican

Scarus/Menas ..... Benedict Wong

Decretas/Soothsayer/Cleopatra`s Messenger ..... Roger Gartland

Maecenas ..... Jimmy Gardner

Dolabella/Mardian ..... Quill Roberts

Cleopatra ..... Mark Rylance

Charmian ..... Danny Sapani

Iras/The Boy ..... James Gillan

Diomedes/Sextus Pompeius ..... Mark Lewis Jones


"James GillanĀ“s Iras was the most feminine figure on stage ..."
published in "Around the Globe" , Autumn 99


Mark Anthony, Octavius Caesar and Lepidus are the three rulers of the Roman Empire, Antony, however, has been neglecting his duties and living a hedonistic life in Egypt, where he has fallen in love with its queen, Cleopatra. Facing threats from their rival Pompey, Caesar and Lepidus put pressure on Antony to return and help with the defence. Torn between his passion and his sense of duty, Antony quarrels with Caesar, and despite attempts to cement the relationship, he eventually returns to Cleopatra and sides with Pompey against Rome. Although the forces are evenly matched, Antony's 'dotage' influences his military strategy, and he and Cleopatry are defeated. Furious, he blames her for the loss of his honour, whereupon she hides in her monument and, hoping for his remorse, sends a message to him that she has killed herself. Antony believes the message and falls on his sword, dying in Cleopatra's arms. With the triumphant Caesar fast approaching and threatening to lead Cleopatra through the streets of Rome, she takes her own life.

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